Book Brigitte

A live performance by an internationally experienced and talented singer will add a unique and memorable moment to an event. Whether it is a classical song for your wedding ceremony or a set of Cabaret pieces for your cocktail party; Brigitte has experience performing at a variety of venues and events. From Opera houses to house concerts and cruise ships to outdoor festivals.

Brigitte is excited to discuss options for your event. She has a huge repertoire of music and can suggest appropriate pieces or even sing your favourite song. Feel free to contact Brigitte and have a chat.


Brigitte performed a 3 set programme of Opera and Songs for a Gala dinner at our Snowhotel restaurant. For many of us, opera is something that only few have experienced. It’s hard to understand what it’s about and the genre often has an elitist feel. I have to explain to you that Kirkenes Snowhotel is not far from the North Pole with 2 months without sun in winter. It would be an exaggeration to say that the snow hotel melted, but the impression was enormous. People here are still asking for a repeat performance. Brigitte has a presence that is very direct and close. She sings to you. And just to you.

Brigitte, you have made an indelible impression here up under the North Pole!  

– Kåre Tannvik, Filmmaker and founder of the Kirkenes Snowhotel Norway


Brigitte sang Ave Maria during the signing of the registry at our wedding ceremony. It was an impressive and professional performance – our guests really enjoyed it judging bay all the comments we had.  It was lovely to have beautiful live music to enhance our ceremony.

– Rebecca Hogben Kuenen